Chiarentana's Olive Oil

Produced with care and attention to the highest quality

For us Olive oil means quality and tradition. From when we started our production we been committed to creating organic, healthy and genuine oil which reflects our passion and our love for the land we cultivate. Not a mere dressing but olive oils of essential excellence to complete and exalt recipes and dishes of haute cuisine.

Why Olive oil from Tuscany?

From tradition to your table

Tuscan people have a special relationship with the olive tree. Forever these plants have been an integral part of the landscape and decorate their gardens, the olive harvest is a feast and the first tasting a rite. Choosing your Tuscan olive oil means connecting to a tradition going back over a thousand years and tasting a healthy and genuine product that carries all the tastes of a great Land.

Why olive oil from Chiarentana?

From our passion to your table

At Chiarentana we focus on the production of olive oil of the highest quality, with the utmost attention to every phase of its production. From the planting of new aromatic varieties, to lovingly tilling our organic olive groves, and finally carefully choosing the right moment to pick each variety of olives separately and individual ways of pressing and filtering them.

Confer unique flavour to your dishes

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Chiarentana proposes different types of olive oil, you can choose the one you prefer, or try all of them. You will find different sizes and gift formats for your friends in our shop


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