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Discover our beloved Chiarentana Olive Oil blend

Chiarentana is the traditional Tuscan blend of 4 basic varieties of olives: Frantoiano, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino, each variety chosen for its resistance to a potential recurring threat. The resulting pungent and flavor-rich oils are thus eminently characteristic of Tuscany and can be easily recognized as such. Because of its variety of aromas, Chiarentana can be combined with all Tuscan recipes: ribollita, bistecca alla Fiorentins, pappa al pomodoro, panzanella, cannellini beans, any pasta dish, grilled and roast meat, pecorino with pears, any kind of fresh salad.

Discover our singular Confini Olive Oil blend

Confini is a unique blend of 5 varieties of olives from Umbria, originally planted in our groves for experimental purposes (hardiness and flavor). Their blend has produced a very distinctive flavor-rich oil with an additional aroma of green tomato leaves. Confini adds its unique flavor and aromas to both Tuscan and typically Umbrian recipes, such as umbricelli alla nursina (home-made pasta with anchovies and black truffle), lentil soup, pumpkin gnocchi and squash soup with cumin and mint. It will contribute a very special fragrance to any dish.

Discover our pure Maurino Olive Oil, a great favorite 

Maurino oil is immediately recognizable for its floreal aromas reminiscent of gardens in spring, which distinguish it from all other Tuscan oils. It also reminds one of the typical Mediterranean bush with aromas such as sage, rosemary and mint. The freshness of its fragrance is confirmed by the flavor in the mouth. A pleasant sense of green tomato leaves can also be detected, followed by a slow pungent sensation in the throat. Maurino oil is at its best with all fish dishes. It also enhances “fragrant” dishes, such as a fennel carpaccio with pecorino cheese and oranges, cold rice salads, oven-baked tomatoes.

Discover our essentially Tuscan pure Moraiolo Olive Oil

The Moraiolo oil presents the most typically marked Tuscan aroma in the nose, with a clear scent of bitter olives. In the mouth the persistent and bitter tastes of artichoke, thistle and again of bitter olives prevail. The pungency is slightly belated but very intense, reminiscent of chilli pepper. Because of its intensity Moraiolo oil is appropriate on recipes with strong tastes, such as “ribollita”, black cabbage soups, grilled meats and vegetables, and “fagioli all’uccelletto” (beans with tomato and sausage). It is at its best on “caciucco”, the well-known fish soup from Livorno.
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