Our Farm

Chiarentana from the middle ages to today

The main building was the first to be restored by the Origos for sharecroppers families and their livestock . More recently an extraordinary transformation has been carried out by their daughter Donata. Today Chiarentana has become a cheerful and welcoming place, surrounded by a beautiful garden full of lavender, rosemary and roses that blend with the surrounding countryside. It is now her home and holiday apartments for guests from all parts of the world.

Chiarentana’s History

A centuries-old voyage

Chiarentana’s history is rooted in the centuries and has been closely tied to that of La Foce. In the Middle- Ages It was a small castle on the via Francigena where pilgrims would stop on their way to Rome. Discover Chiarentana’s history: you will read how in the 10th century it hosted an emperor on his way to Rome to be crowned by the Pope, how it became one of the first communes in Tuscany with its own by-laws, how it later degraded into a large sharecroppers’ farm, and finally how a young couple who had travelled across the world, chose it to build a life-long project of social and economic development of the land and the people living on it.


Experience the Val d’Orcia

Discover your haven in Tuscany

Why stay in a hotel when you can experience the real Val d’Orcia in a genuine Tuscan farmhouse? Come and visit us, choose the kind of lodging that is most appropriate to your wishes and needs. We will coddle you and let you experience a unique and unrepeatable holiday.


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